The only
complete multicable.

USB-A and USB-C as inputs.
Data + Fast Charging Compatible
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Why is Pluggy unique?

Pluggy offers USB Type C and A as inputs. With this unique future proof
multicable you can connect pretty much EVERYTHING.

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1 sleek design for 6 everyday uses.
Device to device charging.
iOS and Android compatible.
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The only Multicable to offer
USB-A and USB-C as inputs!
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Metal and braided cable
for unmatched durability.
Help save the environment
by using one cable instead of 6!
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Fast Charging
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Who loves Pluggy?

"This thing is amazing! Plugged it into my new MacBook and I can charge everything including my camera and Android phones. Best part I will not need any other new cable for the foreseeable future, as it has anything I need."
Duncan C.
"Pluggy practically allows for all possible combinations. I was looking for such a cables and this is the only one that can do that. The only one that can do USBA to everything and USBC to everything IN ONE CABLE. Pretty smart if you ask me."
Bobby O.
"At first I thought it was a normal universal cable but boy, was I wrong. This smart contraption allows me to connect all my devices to my new Apple laptop...also works with my ancient PC that only has the old style big USB port."
Helen Z.
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